Millionaire by 27: Day 2 of 471 – Progress!

I feel like I’m writing to myself – only 7 views and no comments 😛 Ah well this is like a diary for you Jeremy so keep writing to yourself mate you’re doing good, I’ll give you a pat on the back when you’re done. Fine.

Good progress today, website idea one (will be revealed once it’s launched) is looking good, thanks largely to this excellent css layout tutorial.
Here I need to state that I have not had any formal education in website design or internet technologies – I didn’t choose those units as part of my computer science degree, silly short-sighted (physically – albeit in one eye – more on this later) me. All my website stuff has been made by analysing the source code of other people’s websites and reading tutorials. The best place to start for anyone else keen to learn how to make websites is w3schools.

Bet you’re wondering what website idea one is hey? hey?? Well I can’t reveal it yet sorry, but what I can reveal is that it has a similar concept to The Million Dollar Homepage but different and improved without a major weakness of that website. Well without a few major weaknesses.
If you’ve never heard of the million dollar homepage – FOR SHAME! – read that above link! If you’re too lazy – then I’ll tell you now that a student made over $1,000,000 by selling pixels on his website. Now go and read that link.

I stated in my previous post that I would explain how I plan to achieve my goal and why I really want to do it in the first place. I’ll leave the how for later, here comes the why:

I like spending money, I’m extremely good at it. I also don’t check what I spend on. I throw away my credit card statements without opening the envelope. I don’t like saving – mainly because I like spending too much, but also because I hate the thought of saving a whole heap and then dying accidentally without time to spend it all. And I don’t really like money. ‘What’s that!?’ I hear you think. Well it’s true. I like having money and I want to have more money, but I don’t like money or the concept of money. If someone says “I want lots of money!”  – they most likely aren’t thinking of rolling around making love to a pile of $100 notes, instead they’re probably picturing what they’d be doing if they had all those $100 notes! (Not making love to them hopefully… how would you do it?? the physics / friction would probably make it quite uncomfortable at best. Plus you’d be doing all the work.) It’s the lifestyle that I’m after people! Being able to travel the world indefinately, buy my dad his dream BMW, throw a bag of cash at a Lamborghini salesman and tell him to keep the change, build my princess her castle, get seasick on my oversized yacht … I could go on and on, but I’ve got too much work to do.

In my previous job I was earning heaps of money but not having enough time. I’d fly to work, work 12 hours a day for 9 days straight, then fly home for a 5 day break. In my breaks I may fly to a different city, different country, buy heaps of car parts, buy heaps of jagerbombs, do fun stuff and basically live la vida loca – spending like there’s no tomorrow. (Which I think is good – because you never know when you might wake up dead. I’d like to wake up dead one day and be able to say “Shit… I’m dead… AH good thing I spent all that cash yesterday!” Of course being dead I might not be able to talk – but I wouldn’t care really because I’d be dead. Which came first anyway the chicken or the egg? No one knows, not even God (Richard Dawkins) so I’m going to close the brackets now and move on.) I enjoyed my breaks 🙂 but couldn’t do things I wanted due to a limited amount of money and lack of leave. Hence my decision to make like a tree and branch out of there.

I’d like to point out here that I’m not a greedy Ebenezer Scrooge obsessed with money – in fact I’m a really generous person. If I invite people out somewhere, I pay. Why? Because I invited them. They can pay when they invite me. (Got that from my parents I think).
One day my sister’s boyfriend (now ex) took myself, my sister and my girlfriend (now ex) jet skiing. He paid for everything that day, and wouldn’t let me give him a single cent. Instead – he said to me – “Jeremy, I’m older and I work. You’re at uni. One day when you’re out with your girlfriend’s younger brother or sister – you will do the same and pay for them.”
I didn’t realise at the time what a huge effect that had on me. What a top bloke! (Even though his dodgey jet skii did break down on us and strand me in the dirty Swan river for a good few minutes). Well ever since I’ve been earning good money I’ve always remembered what John said to me, and I’ve always paid or tried to pay when I’m out with those that have less than myself.
The world would be a much better place if everyone did this. I challenge you to do this – no matter how much you earn – pay for someone else who has less than you.

I want to make a difference, I want to make the world a better place. I will be able to do that if I’m stupidly rich. Which I plan on being.
So there you have it – the motivation behind the goal.

Enough rambling – here’re the goods:
Deposit: $0
Withdrawal: $102.20 – Cash withdrawl for movie + going out on the weekend. $2.20 charged for using a foreign bank ATM. Thieves!
Balance: $16,966.91



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4 Responses to Millionaire by 27: Day 2 of 471 – Progress!

  1. Hey, nice concept you have going here. It’s not easy to be found when you’re blogging. If you want people to find you. Go to the places online that interest you and strike up conversations with people on topics of interest. Talk to people on the high traffic websites. That’s it.

  2. Don’t worry..
    Understand how you feel. there’ll be more comments..just drive more traffic and network online more..
    I’ve started my own wealth creation online diary too so I can document my journey.

    To our success!

    wealth creation diary

  3. webmistress says:

    Good thoughts throughout this post, best wishes blogging and stop throwing away unopened bank/cc statements…keep your mind set on all your goals in time it will all become a thing of the past.

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